BRSA asset ratio revision

With the regulation in the asset ratio, we see that the asset ratio, which should be 1 for deposit banks, has been reduced to 0.95. The same criterion will be applied in the Islamic finance side as a reduction from 0.80 to 0.75. In the numerator section, the scope of securities will be expanded and real estate investment funds and venture capital investment funds will be included.



It will have a slowing effect on credit growth. On the one hand, while increasing TRY costs as a tightening move decreases loan demand, banks will reduce their lending rate by taking into account their own asset and liability management within the framework of the revision in the asset ratio. Especially in terms of repayment of commercial loans, risks increased in the period when credit expansion was supported, because a significant weight of commercial loans is also aimed at correcting the financial situation ... Credit expansion is now being cooled both through TRY costs and the asset ratio channel, and growth is being curbed due to the increased risks in maintaining price stability.

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